Body Contouring

Permanent Fat Reduction

Body FX by InMode uses a combination of verified modalities together with radio frequency, deep tissue heating, and suction along with negative pressure. The RF energy dispenses heat to the underlying fat, to contract it that leads to permanent death of adipose tissue. Coolsculpting in Toronto is a technique used to treat challenging fatty tissue on body parts such as abdomen, back, and thighs.

Body FX includes irreversible electroporation (IRE) that helps to destroy fat cells, decreasing body circumference. The desired results can be observed after a full treatment course at ESR Toronto body sculpting clinic. It also helps in body contouring, lifting, and enhanced texture and tone of arms, belly, and thighs.


Body FX by InMode utilizes a blend of tested modalities that include radio frequency, tissue heating, and suction together with negative pressure. The vacuum and measured energy pulses work to provide leveling and shaping results. Body FX is an effective treatment for cellulite on larger areas like thighs, and buttocks.

Weekly sittings are performed over a period of 2 months. Regular improvements in the area can be observed after the initial cellulite treatments at Vaughan, with the skin surface appearing smoother instantly.

Tightening (Thermal Contraction)

Forma Plus® by InMode uses RF skin tightening to deliver the best results while activating the production of new collagen. By using A.C.E (Acquire, Control, Extend) technique, Forma Plus® targets underlying layers of the skin without over treating any area. This treatment is great for addressing laxity in skin providing a lifted appearance.

The local heating results in instant contraction of the collagen fibers that in turn makes the skin tighter and firmer. Radiofrequency also reduces the size of fat cells resulting in effective contouring of the face and body.

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