Acne is a widespread skin issue and there are various acne treatment options available in Toronto. It is highly important to get effective and suitable treatments which are customizable for individual concerns. Acne is most prevalent in young adults, teens, and pre-teens. It often results in depression and lower self-esteem among the sufferers. So, whenever the condition is apparent, medical treatment along with medical grade skin care regimen becomes necessary.


The major cause behind acne is the inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the skin. These glands contain a fatty material called sebum. The acne is caused when the duct of sebaceous glands gets blocked by layers of the skin or fatty secretions of dirt.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing Toronto


Microdermabrasion is a procedure that helps in removing the dead cells and other toxic impurities from the skin. This technique also gives a flawless and even texture to your skin, decreases pore size, and removes the microbes trapped beneath the skin. It also diminishes the signs of scarring.

Microdermabrasion is accomplished in two stages. Initially, the miniature crystals exfoliate the skin and then the vacuum eliminates the debris away. It results in a softer and smoother complexion. Every treatment is customized to your distinct requirements and is combined with the medical grade skin maintenance to address your particular issues.

Chemical Peel

Getting a chemical peel in Toronto is a great way to deal with inflamed acne. The process is carried out by applying a chemical solution to the skin that peels off the top layers revealing the fresh underlying skin. This fresh skin is smoother, free from wrinkles, and more even in color.

BHA (“Beta Hydroxy Acid”) commonly known as Salicylic Acid is used in treating acne. It gives both antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory benefits.

Micro Needling Skin Treatment


Microneedling is a modernized treatment used by renowned acne clinics in Toronto that helps in skin revival along with a better infusion of the products. The small needles puncture tiny holes in the skin that activates the skin’s natural defense and produces new collagen cells. Hence, the quick healing leaves the skin free from hyperpigmentation, scars, and stretch marks.

It has very little downtime and gives wonderful results. Micro-needling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), uses a special tool derma pen that helps to make your skin smoother and diminish acne scarring and impending breakouts.

Fractional Resurfacing

This technique of laser skin resurfacing uses microbeams to create deep narrow columns of tissue clotting while saving the nearby tissue from damage. It results in a natural healing process that fastens the production of new tissue leaving the skin resurfaced.

The RF energy absorbs the acne bacteria and provides revitalizing benefits. At the same time, the resurfacing feature treats acne scars. This procedure uses bipolar technology that delivers uniformed heating and helps in the regeneration of new skin.

Acne Scar Treatment Toronto

LED Light Therapy (Cold Laser)

Blue Light Therapy is a perfect way to kill the acne-causing bacteria known as P. Acnes Bacteria and decreases the inflammation in the skin. It is a harmless, non-invasive technique that works by activating a photo-biochemical cellular response.

Pure Light treatments can also be carried out in combination with other particular acne treatments in Vaughan for faster and extended results. It reduces the production of oil and microbes to inhibit the growth of acne and leads to a significant decline in breakouts.

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