Acne is the most prevalent skin condition and there are many
ways to treat the problem. Hence, it is mandatory to have the
effective and appropriate treatment. The problem is common
in young adults, teens, and pre-teens and leads to emotional
and self-esteem issues. When the condition is evident,
medical treatment is necessary as well as a proper medical grade skin care regimen.


The main reason behind acne is the inflammation of the oil
glands in the skin. These are called sebaceous glands
which contain a fatty material called sebum. The duct of the
gland becomes blocked either by layers of skin or fatty
secretions of dirt.

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Microdermabrasion is a technique that is really helpful in eliminating the dead cells and other impurities from the skin. The technique is also helpful for giving the skin a seamless and smooth texture, refines pore size, and eliminates the bacteria trapped underneath the skin. It is also helpful to reduce the signs of scarring.

The process of microdermabrasion covers two stages. Firstly, the tiny crystals exfoliate the skin and secondly the vacuum removes the debris away which results in a softer complexion. Each treatment is designed to customize your individual needs and is partnered with our medical grade skin care to target specific conditions.

Chemical Peel

An acne chemical peel is the best technique when one is struggling with inflamed acne. The technique is performed by applying a chemical solution to the skin. With the passing time,the treated skin may shed off allowing new fresh skin. This type of exfoliation process reduces inflammation and removes the appearances of acne blemishes and scars.

The most common type of acid used in treating acne would be our BHA (“Beta Hydroxy Acid”) also known as Salicylic Acid. This serves as an antibacterial solution as well as it’s anti-inflammatory benefits.

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Automated micro needling is an innovated treatment to help regenerate the skins natural function as well as provide better product infusion. The process uses small needles to puncture tiny holes in the skin. The process is known to treat everything from wrinkles,hyperpigmentation, and dull skin to issues such as scars, stretch marks, and cellulite.

With little to no downtime, one can expect to see the positive results. Micro-needling, which is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), involves using a tool called as derma pen. The process helps to make your skin smoother, and reduce acne scarring and future breakouts.

Fractional Resurfacing

Fractora by InMode is a radio frequency fractioned laser treatment that includes a matrix of micro pins to resurface and restore the skin with little downtime.

The RF energy helps to absorb P.Acnes Bacteria in cystic acne as well as provide rejuvenating benefits, where the resurfacing aspect will help to treat acne scars at the same time. The technique utilizes bi polar technology which provides uniformed heating and is helpful in the production of healthy new skin production.

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LED Light Therapy (Cold Laser)

Blue Light Therapy kills the acne-causing bacteria known as P. Acnes Bacteria and reduces the inflammation in the skin. It is a safe, non-invasive technology that functions by triggering a photo-biochemical cellular response.

Pure Light® treatments can be done on its own or in conjunction with other specified acne treatments for quicker and longer lasting results. This treatment will result in less oil production and bacteria in the skin which will inhibit the growth and spreading of acne which leads to a significant decrease in breakouts.

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