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With Forma by InMode®

What is a Radio Frequency Facial?

Also known as our ESR Signature Facial, this treatment reduces the appearance of loose jowls and sagging skin. During the Forma® Facial heat is used to stimulate collagen and build up the elasticity while giving the skin a more youthful glow. This effective “lunch time” facial has zero downtime and is the perfect pick me for all skin types. Radio Frequency allows the skin


What are the benefits?

The benefits of our radio frequency facial are the formation of new collagen as well as improving the elasticity in the skin. Forma® technology uses energy to target deep layers of the skin, leaving no areas uncovered. At Elite Skin Rejuvenation a specialist will be able to asses your concerns and recommend how many radio frequency treatments you will need for best results.

Why you should visit Elite Skin Rejuvenation for your radio frequency facial

  • Affordable
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Effective
  • Minimal Downtown
  • Minimal Discomfort
  • Safe