Sun Spot Removal


Intense Pulsed Light is utilized to absorb the undesirable pigmentation known as melanin in various parts like face, neck, and body. Lumecca® by InMode uses photothermolysis to offer the most convenient and easy sun damage treatment in Toronto, that treats sun spots, age spots, and patches in just 1-3 sittings.

The improvements in damaged skin and skin complexion start to appear just a few days after the first session. The skin will start looking younger and more radiant over time with the most noticeable outcomes after 1-2 weeks.

Fractional Resurfacing

Fractora® by InMode is a fractionated laser treatment offered by sun spots treatment clinics in Vaughan. It uses a matrix of very small pins to resurface and rejuvenate the skin with little downtime. RF energy heats up the underlying layers of the skin to activate collagen and enhances the skin complexion. The micro pins resurface and improve the texture for a more glowing and youthful appearance.

The RF energy leads to the contraction of the skin and provides rejuvenating benefits, The resurfacing plays its role to reduce lines and wrinkles. This is a technique that uses bipolar technology for producing uniformed heating, generating healthy new skin.

LED light therapy (cold laser)

Green Light Therapy helps to treat skin discoloration. It is an effective solution for hyperpigmentation that occurs due to an excess of melanin in the skin. Pure Light® treatment helps in sun spots removal and age spots removal, exposing a smoother skin tone.

What To Expect

*Disclaimer: individual results may vary